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We came a long way!!

Originally Barbara Brunner-Romer and Gary Heidinger started out as Christmas antiques collectors. Getting to know each other through the Golden Glow Collectors Club they started doing business together via the internet. Many years later Barbara decided to relocate from Switzerland to the United States on Christmas 2011. Having bought the historic building on 100 South Main Street they started to remodel it almost completely in order to revive the beauty of its original state in the 1920s. As it turned out, the building used to be a train station connecting Flint and Frankenmuth in the 20s. In the following decades the building changed its owner and its appearance seveal time. Once it even was a tobacco store. Ten years ago it used to be a German restaurant called Frankeneck. After the former owener had fled his insolvency, the new lucky owners turned the building back to its former glory naming it The Old Christmas Station.

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